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[Book Review] Fairy Tale Thumbelina by HC Andersen

Sinopsis Thumbelina :  Guide to early childhood development hidden in masterpiece fairy tales Thumbelina, born in a flower, goes through many things. She realizes that she is a flower fairy. I found my own identity. Like Thumbelina, children go through many conflicts and anxieties to find a stable identity. Although it is a difficult process, it is also an opportunity for psychological growth. Thumbelina is a story that helps children find their identity. Fairy Tale Thumbelina :  There was an old woman who lived alone and lonely. My grandmother always thought it would be nice to have a child.  One night, a fairy came by and gave the grandmother a flower seed.  “Plant these flower seeds and grow them well.” Grandma planted flower seeds in a flower pot and placed them in a sunny window. I took good care of it, giving it plenty of water every day. The flower has finally bloomed. When the grandmother looked closely, she saw a girl sleeping peacefully inside the flower. The grandmother was