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[Resensi Buku Anak] No, David! By David Shannon

Judul Buku : No, David!  Penulis Buku : David Shannon Penerbit : The Blue Sky Press Terbit : 1998  Tebal : 38 halaman Genre : buku anak / pictorial book ISBN : 978-1-336-113198  Lama baca : 5 menit Rating buku : 5 🌟 Baca ebook di Libby (pakai ecard British Council Library) ❤️❤️❤️

[Review Buku] Cerita Rakyat Nusantara - Cindelaras

Cerita rakyat Cindelaras Judul Buku : Cerita Rakyat Nusantara - Cindelaras Penulis : Redaksi MWI Penerbit : SKYLAR Terbit : edisi digital, 2023 Tebal : 26 halaman  Rating : 4/5 🌟 Baca ebook di aplikasi Ipusnas ❤️❤️❤️

Wisdom and Lessons from Paulo Coelho's Book "The Alchemist": A Journey of Self-Discovery

Wisdom and Lessons from Paulo Coelho's Book "The Alchemist": A Journey of Self-Discovery Paulo Coelho's Book "The Alchemist" has transcended the boundaries of a novel, becoming a guide to life for countless readers around the globe. This masterpiece weaves a narrative of adventure, self-discovery, and spiritual enlightenment.  In this article, i delve into the profound wisdom and essential lessons that readers can glean from this iconic work.

Cara Beli Ebook Bahasa Inggris Pakai Amazon Gift Card di

Kamu pengen beli buku bahasa Inggris murah, tapi bingung beli di toko buku mana? Coba deh kamu beli ebook bahasa Inggris di  Yups…beli ebook bahasa Inggris memang jauh lebih mudah dan hemat, dibanding beli buku fisik. Soalnya, kalau beli buku cetak dari luar negeri, kita harus membayar tax bea cukai, jika barang dikirim ke rumah. Di situs, kita bisa beli ebook dengan harga mulai dari 0,99 dollar bahkan bisa juga dapat gratis karena ada kindle free ebook yang bisa dibeli dengan satu klik saja.  Oh ya, aku beli ebook di Amazon pakai Amazon gift card. Ini tuh semacam kartu hadiah yang berisi saldo untuk berbelanja di Amazon.  Aku dapat gift card Amazon dari hadiah survei yang diadakan oleh LTI Korea. Nah, adminnya ngasih saldo 20 dollar dalam gift card Amazon. Jadi kodenya tinggal di redeem aja.  Cara redeem Amazon Gift Card di Web  Klik tombol dalam email berisi amazon gift card yang dikirim ke kamu. Emailnya akan mengarah ke web amazon.  Login dengan a

[Book Review] Fairy Tale Thumbelina by HC Andersen

Sinopsis Thumbelina :  Guide to early childhood development hidden in masterpiece fairy tales Thumbelina, born in a flower, goes through many things. She realizes that she is a flower fairy. I found my own identity. Like Thumbelina, children go through many conflicts and anxieties to find a stable identity. Although it is a difficult process, it is also an opportunity for psychological growth. Thumbelina is a story that helps children find their identity. Fairy Tale Thumbelina :  There was an old woman who lived alone and lonely. My grandmother always thought it would be nice to have a child.  One night, a fairy came by and gave the grandmother a flower seed.  “Plant these flower seeds and grow them well.” Grandma planted flower seeds in a flower pot and placed them in a sunny window. I took good care of it, giving it plenty of water every day. The flower has finally bloomed. When the grandmother looked closely, she saw a girl sleeping peacefully inside the flower. The grandmother was

[Resensi Buku Dongeng Anak] Shy Willow by Cat Min

Judul Buku : Shy Willow Penulis : Cat Min Penerbit : Levine Querido Terbit : edisi digital, 2021 Tebal : 48 halaman  Lama baca : 6 menit Download ebook Shy Willow by Cat Min di aplikasi Libby  Pinjam pakai ecard Malaysia National Library ❤️❤️❤️

Resensi Buku The One You Love - Astrid Zeng

Judul Buku : The One You Love Penulis : Astrid Zeng Penerbit : Gramedia Pustaka Utama Terbit : 2023, edisi digital Tebal : 324 halaman  ISBN :  9786020673226 Genre : romance, rumah tangga Rating : 3,8/5 🌟 Download ebook The One You Love - Astrid Zeng di aplikasi Gramedia Digital ❤️❤️❤️

[Book Review - Fairy Tale from Swedish] The Boy Who Visited The North Wind

The Boy Who Visited The North Wind [Fairy Tale from Swedish] The Boy Who Visited The North Wind Once upon a time, there lived a boy. The boy's family was poor, but he lived happily with his parents. But since when did the boy and his mother look out the window every day? A long time ago, I went out on a boat to catch herring. It was because my father didn't come back. The boy desperately wanted his father to return. When my father was around, we always had an abundance of salted herring, but now we're all gone. We also ran out of corn flour. The boy and his mother decided to sell their only sheep.  I didn't want to sell the sheep that I had become so attached to as family, but I had no choice to buy food. The boy said to the sheep. “I’ll be sure to pick you up when my father comes back.” “Buy, sell…………..” The sheep cried quietly as if it knew the boy's feelings. The boy sold the sheep to a farm that needed wool. And I asked the farm owner several times to take good

[Resensi Buku Anak Korea] The Pied Piper - Kisah Peniup Seruling dari Hameln

Judul Buku : Pria Peniup Seruling (The Pied Piper) Penulis : Park Hyeongjun Illustrator : Yoon Jeong-hwa Terbit : 1 April 2005 Penerbit : Taman Jonghan  ISBN : 89-5921-218-0  Rating  Buku : 4,5/5 🌟 Beli buku anak bahasa Korea di Tokopedia Kata Pengantar ❤️❤️❤️

[Resensi Buku Anak Korea] Tuan Park, Ditanya oleh Burung Layang-layang

Tuan Park ditanya oleh burung layang-layang Judul Buku : Tuan Park, ditanya oleh burung layang-layang Penulis : Eom Ki-won Illustrator : Song Eun-woo Terbit : 10 Maret 2003 Penerbit : Beomhan Book Publishing Pusat - Pendidikan JoongAng (JUNGANG GYOYEON) Rating buku : 5 🌟 Beli Buku Anak Bahasa Korea di Tokopedia Kata Pengantar ❤️❤️❤️

[Resensi Buku Anak Korea] The King of Capri by Jeanette Winterson

Review Buku Anak Bahasa Korea The King of Capri Judul Buku : The King of Capri (Raja Capri) Penulis : Jeanette Winterson Illustrator : Jane Ray Penerjemah : Ikyung Kim Penerbit : Korea Hemingway ( Terbit : 2003 Tebal : 32 halaman  Bahasa : Korea Rating : 5 🌟 Beli buku anak bahasa Korea di Tokopedia Kata Pengantar ❤️❤️❤️

[Resensi Buku Anak] Pesan Misterius by Dewi Cendika

Judul Buku : Pesan Misterius Penulis : Dewi Cendika Penerbit : DAR! Mizan Terbit : 2010 ISBN : 9789790663565 Tebal : 124 halaman Rating buku : 4/5 🌟 Baca ebook di aplikasi BookMate

The Best Black Friday Shapewear Outfit to Wear During The Season

The Best Black Friday Shapewear Outfit to Wear During The Season Winter is right around the corner, and while is the time to stay cozy and warm, and sometimes wear a few layers of clothing. But if we wear a few layers of clothing, we will tend to somehow lose our figures. If you want to look amazing while still keeping yourself warm, you can wear the best black Friday shapewear pieces. The right shapewear pieces to do so are the shapewear outerwear black Friday . They are shapewear pieces that look like normal or casual wear, but they will give you the same shaping benefits as your normal shapewear. This way you might need to wear fewer layers to keep yourself warm during winter time.  This new category of shapewear has become very popular in the last year, as many celebrities and influencers have been wearing them as the main pieces of their outfits and showing their outfits to the world on their social media platforms. They make it easier to get ready and in general, make it easier t