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Resensi Buku Kitty dan Tragedi di Pekan Raya by Paula Harrison

  Judul Buku : Kitty dan Tragedi di Pekan Raya Judul asli : Kitty and The Twilight Trouble Penulis : Paula Harrison Ilustrator : Jennie Lovlie Alih bahasa : Susanna Prayoga Penerbit : Bhuana Ilmu Populer Terbit : Cetakan Pertama, 2021 Tebal : 136 halaman  Genre : novel anak ISBN : 978-623-04-0592-1 Rating Buku : 4/5 🌟 Harga buku : Rp 67.000 Baca ebook di aplikasi Gramedia Digital ❤❤❤

The Top 10 Reasons To Write A Book Review

  The Top 10 Reasons To Write A Book Review Do you love reading books, but don’t know how to get started reviewing them? Whether you just want to broaden your reading horizons or want to be an informed consumer, writing book reviews can be a great way to do that.  In this guide, i’ll discuss the importance of book reviews, provide tips on how to get started, and outline what to expect when you start book reviewing. So whether you’re a novice or a pro, read on for some helpful advice on writing book reviews! The importance of book reviews As book reviews become increasingly popular, it's important to understand why they're so important. When you write a book review, you not only share your opinion about the book with other readers, but you also learn more about the book itself.  Writing a book review is also a great way to improve your writing skills. Not to mention, by building relationships with other writers, you'll have a community of support when it comes to reading and

The Top 10 Tips for Becoming a Blogging Star

  The Top 10 Tips for Becoming a Blogging Star Are you tired of hearing about the same old topics on the news? Do you want to share your own thoughts and ideas with the world, but feel lost in the blogging process? If so, read on for our top 10 tips on becoming a blogging star!

The 7 Best-Selling Books of All Time That You Must Read Now!

The 7 Best-Selling Books of All Time That You Must Read Now! The best-selling books of all time are sure to interest any reader. Here are seven of the most popular and timeless reads that you must add to your reading list!

Flash Giveaway Berhadiah Buku (DL 27 Oktober 2022)

Hallo teman teman, gimana kabarnya, semoga sehat selalu yaa Kali ini saya sedang mengadakan giveaway dalam rangka pengin ngasih buku yang belinya kedobel. Hehe Buat yang mau ikutan Giveaway ini, bisa ikuti caranya ya: 1.   Follow ig @reviewkiky 2. Komentar di link postingan blog berjudul Isi Galon Mudah Dipalsukan, Inilah Cara Cek Kualitas Air Minum yang Dikonsumsi Sehari-hari! 3.  Share link blog ke twitter/ig story dan  ajak 2 teman buat ikutan 4. Kirim bukti sudah komentar, share post dan komen done ke DM ig @reviewkiky 5. Giveaway ini berlangsung sampai tanggal 27 Oktober 2022 jam 21.00 6. Hadiah : 1 orang dengan komentar terbaik akan mendapat 1 buku "Last Love Story of Walden Brothers" (free ongkir) Pengumuman pemenang di ig story @reviewkiky tanggal 28 Oktober 2022 ya.  Nah, selamat mencoba! ❤️