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[Book Review - Fairy Tale from Swedish] The Boy Who Visited The North Wind

The Boy Who Visited The North Wind

[Fairy Tale from Swedish] The Boy Who Visited The North Wind

Once upon a time, there lived a boy.

The boy's family was poor, but he lived happily with his parents.

But since when did the boy and his mother look out the window every day?

A long time ago, I went out on a boat to catch herring.

It was because my father didn't come back.

The boy desperately wanted his father to return.

When my father was around, we always had an abundance of salted herring, but now we're all gone. We also ran out of corn flour.

The boy and his mother decided to sell their only sheep. 

I didn't want to sell the sheep that I had become so attached to as family, but I had no choice to buy food.

The boy said to the sheep.

“I’ll be sure to pick you up when my father comes back.”

“Buy, sell…………..”

The sheep cried quietly as if it knew the boy's feelings.

The boy sold the sheep to a farm that needed wool.

And I asked the farm owner several times to take good care of the sheep until I came to retrieve them.

The boy and his mother sold the sheep and bought salted herring and cornmeal with the money they received. 

I always kept it in a cool food storage room. If you leave it there, it won't spoil. 

The boy went in and out of the warehouse instead of his mother, who was weak. 

“Herring and cornmeal are becoming scarce."

"Ah, father will always come.”

“Mom, when will dad come?”

My mother sighed and said.

It’s the first time the north wind has been this calm. If the north wind doesn’t blow, the ship can’t move. Hey, if only the north wind blows…………….

The boy said with sparkling eyes.

If only the north wind blows, will your father come back?

Then I will go find the North Wind.

Although his mother tried to stop him, the boy courageously left home.

The boy kept walking and walking, leaving small footprints on the snow.

The boy walked a long way and finally met the North Wind.

Hello, Mr. North Wind? Why isn’t there any wind?

They say that if the wind doesn't blow, my father won't come back.


Mr. North Wind, Please bring some wind. 

“Yes?” North Wind sighed.

I need a magic wand to use my powers. But Yellow Mustache stole the magic wand.

Huh? Who is Yellow Mustache?

He is the greatest thief in the world.

The boy sat down in disappointment.

Then the North Wind can chase after you and come back.

 The North Wind sighed again.

I can’t move as I want without a magic wand.


The boy thought for a moment and said.

Great. I’ll get the magic wand.

The boy is looking for a yellow mustache

I walked gently along the snow-covered road.

There was no north wind, so it wasn't that cold.

However, because he was worried about his mother who was waiting anxiously at home, the boy walked even more diligently.

But then I heard a whining sound from far away.

The boy carefully approached the direction of the sound.

A baby reindeer was caught in a trap and crying.

The mother reindeer and father reindeer were restless and circling around the baby reindeer.

The boy ran and quickly set the trap and released the baby reindeer.

Father Reindeer said to the boy.

Thank you so much for saving my baby.”

“I’m glad you weren’t hurt too much."

“By the way, do you know where the yellow mustache is?”

Surprisingly, Papa Reindeer nodded.

You did really well.

Can you take me to Yellow Mustache?

Ah, I put the boy on my back and ran as fast as the wind.

It’s the little house you see over there.

As soon as I whistle, I’ll come running.

The boy knocked on the door of the small house.

Knock knock knock!”

A rough-looking yellow mustache stuck out his head.

“I’m lost. I’m so cold and hungry that I feel like I’m going to faint. Please let me stay for one night. mister."

Yellow Mustache shook his head.

Nonsense! I just can’t put it down!”

The boy put his hands together and asked.

“Please, please.

“In return, I will clean your house.”

I thought about the yellow mustache for a moment.

“Okay. We need to prepare some food.”

The boy prepared dinner for Yellow Mustache.

I cleaned the house thoroughly.

After eating his fill, Yellow Mustache felt a little better.

This is really annoying.

If I let you sleep overnight, it won’t be a big deal.

Yellow Mustache took a peek into the room where the boy was sleeping.

The boy was sleeping soundly.

You sleep without knowing anything about the world. Still, you have to be careful.


Yellow Mustache couldn't relax.

So I took a big bag and I quietly went to the barn.

The sack was full of stolen treasure.

Of course, there was a magic wand.

Yellow Mustache lifted the pyre and hid the sack.

Then, we covered it with firewood.

If you do this, no one will find you, right? Hahaha!

Yellow Mustache went out to steal.

Actually, the boy didn't sleep.

I pretended to be asleep and slowly opened my eyes.

The boy saw Yellow Mustache pass by the door.

I secretly followed him.

When he saw that Yellow Mustache had gone out, he searched the pyre and quickly found the magic wand. Let the boy whistle 'whistle'.

Dad’s reindeer came running.

When Yellow Mustache came back in a huff, startled by the sound of the whistle, the father's reindeer carrying the boy had already run away.

The North Wind was so happy to get his magic wand back that he didn't know what to do.

Thank you. Thank you! I never thought you would find a magic wand... I will find your father right away and bring him back.

Don’t worry, go back home.

The boy went home happy.

When I got home, my father had already returned and was waiting for the boy.

Ah, father!”

The boy hugged his father and cried.

We were caught by a typhoon and were carried a very far away, but the wind suddenly stopped.

I finally came back because the thankful wind blew again.

After that, the boy lived happily with his parents for a long time, and of course the sheep came back.

Never again did the north wind not blow for so long.


Book Review : 

It's a story about a brave and clever boy. When his father didn't return from his boat, the boy set out to find the north wind. Because his mother said that his father couldn't return because the north wind didn't blow and the boat couldn't move. 

The boy who met the north wind Yellow Mustache steals the North Wind's magic wand and discovers that he cannot create wind. So on his way back to Yellow Mustache, he accidentally saves a baby reindeer and retrieves the magic wand with the help of Father Reindeer. 

Of course, the North Wind was able to catch up again, and the boy's father was able to return as well. 

Sweden is a country with long, cold winters. In addition, there is only snow and wind in winter, and the sun can only be seen for three or four hours until midday. So the harsh north wind can be felt as a natural disaster to the Swedes. 

However, the Swedish people accepted the north wind as a very familiar, helpful, and indispensable natural phenomenon. Like moving a boat to take a boy's father. 

Another lesson from this story is to think positively by turning disadvantages into advantages like Swedish people do.

The boy in this story sets out to find his father and courageously solves problems proactively. He also has a kind heart and saves a baby tree that is in trouble. 

Tell me about a time you experienced something difficult and how you solved it. Also, talk about this boy's courage.


Activity - Ask your child : 

1) Why did the boy have to sell the sheep?

2) Why did the boy go to see Mr. North Wind?

3) Why was the North Wind quiet?

4) Who did the boy save when he went looking for the yellow mustache?

5) Where did Yellow Mustache hide the sack of treasure?

6) How was the boy's father able to return home?


World Traditional Fairy Tales - Swedish 

Title : The Boy Who Visited The North Wind

Author: Bae Ik-cheon

Illustrator: Noh Seong-bin

Date Publish : 2004

Page : 35 

ISBN: 9788979590166

Genre: Korean picture book

Price: 6000 won

Rating : 5 🌟

Buy Korean children's books at this bookstore


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